We Create Compelling Product Stories to Drive High Engagement with B2B companies

Our innovative approach combines technology, methodology, and storytelling to create compelling customer and product stories that drive engagement. It's like ABM on steroids!

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What does LeadImpact Do?

We specialize in creating compelling product stories for B2B companies, using a blend of technology, methodology, and storytelling to enhance Account-Based Marketing.

Our stories impact all facets of your company, from amplifying sales activities, conveying your mission and vision to attracting investors, retaining employees, and shaping your culture. Our process involves conducting interviews with team members, customers and influencers, which we then transform into captivating product stories.

Each story, whether it's about product features, experiences, milestones, leadership, or trends, serves a unique purpose and appeals to different audience segments. Essentially, we turn interviews into product narratives that captivate and engage your audience.

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We handle EVERYTHING for your team

using our AI-enabled technology

1We expand and strengthen your circle of influence by connecting you and your team with decision-makers who share similarities with your current customers.
2We help you build meaningful relationships with decision-makers by creating original thought leadership & customer-centric video content that centers around them and your product. Our strategy involves engaging your leadership team and your customers through interviews and webinars. This interaction is utilized to craft meaningful video content, spotlighting your product.
3We capture their engagement activity, interest level and relationship data, integrate it into your CRM platform and give you access to our advanced analytics so you can measure our progress and track your success.

We offer unlimited license seats for your team with no contracts or on-boarding fees, making it easy to expand and grow your network.

Our team provides the guidance and support to help you succeed, no matter what market or industry you are in.

Our Clients Testimonials

Matt Fulton
Vice President, National Engagement
My professional network has expanded exponentially and I've had conversations with over 300 local government leaders. In addition, we've identified over 200 new opportunities and almost a hundred new customers through the LinkedIn activity.
Angelica Wedell
Communications and Marketing Director
LeadImpact has boosted our webinar registrations and LinkedIn has played a significant role in that. Automating the messaging has saved our team members time and incorporating LeadImpact into our CRM has streamlined outreach and made work easier for everyone at Polco.

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